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Paški Pasta (Croatian Cacio e Pepe) | Selo Olive Oil Recipes

A steaming plate of Paški Pasta (Croatian Cacio e Pepe) tossed in Croatian olive oil, topped with freshly grated cheese and cracked black pepper, representing a delicious fusion of Croatian and Italian flavors.

Paški sir, the sheep cheese used in the Dalmatian version of Cacio e Pepe, is a traditional product of the island of Pag, located off the coast of Zadar, Croatia. The island has a unique landscape with rugged terrain and sparse vegetation, which gives the cheese its distinct flavor. Paški sir has been produced on the island for centuries and has become a significant part of the region's culinary heritage. The dish "Paški Špageti" or "Paški Paata" is a regional version of Cacio e Pepe, which showcases the flavors of the island's sheep cheese. The dish has become a popular and iconic dish in the region, reflecting the cultural importance of the island's cheese-making tradition.


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