Selo Olive Oil

Our Story

Family owned and operated since 2017, our roots run deep in Croatia. Olive oil isn't just a product to us, it's a way of life. Our family has been farming and producing exceptional olive oil for three generations, with our roots tracing back to pig and almond farmers in the countryside around Zadar. As our love for Croatian cuisine grew, we found ourselves drawn to the picturesque coastal town of Biograd na Moru, where we became olive farmers dedicated to the art of producing the finest olive oil.

Today, we take immense pride in sharing the flavors and aromas of our premium Croatian olive oil with families around the world. Our commitment to authenticity and quality is unparalleled, with every olive hand-picked and every bottle of oil crafted with the utmost care to create the perfect blend of flavors.

We are passionate about bringing people together through food and creating memories that will last a lifetime. That's why we are dedicated to crafting an exceptional olive oil that families can enjoy together, inspired by the simplistic warmth and hospitality that Croatia is known for. Our olive oil is created with the legacy of our ancestors in mind, and their unwavering love for Croatian cuisine.

Our mission as Croatian olive oil farmers is to share our family's heritage and passion for traditional cooking with the world. We are committed to using only the finest ingredients sourced from Croatia and to upholding the highest standards of quality in every aspect of our business. In everything we do, we are driven by our commitment to providing families with the very best in Croatian cuisine, and to sharing our love for olive oil with the world.