Selo Olive Oil

Croatian Olive Oil Reviews

Hear from customers about what changed for the better since they switched to Selo—my family's authentic Croatian extra virgin olive oil:

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Love it

The best olive oil I have been able to get in the USA. Will absolutely order again.

Selo Olive Oil (500mL)
Jeffrey Stebbing

Wow! Excellent, and couldn't believe the peppery back end!

Incomplete order which I paid in full

Only received 5 of the 6 bottles I ordered. Love the olive oil I received.

Love this olive oil!

Brings me back to Croatia. Thank you!!

Fantastic Olive Oil

This olive oil is SO flavourful! I love it. It has a very robust taste and is delicious with so many types of food! I will definitely purchase more.

Prevents disease/abnormalities/mutations/swelling

Selo Olive Oil prevents disease. It has become part of my daily supplement routines
(1 tbsp a day)

Dentist mentioned my excellent oral health. I joked and said I consume premium EVOO. He told me that quality OLIVE oils prevent abnormalities/mutations/swelling in gums. He stated that he had read a study via his dentist association.
(I've been consuming Selo for a year now)

I also believe that it prevents mutations/abnormalities in the face. There is no way you can become a bugman. Your body thanks you everytime you feed it premium.

Selo party

Sorry Martin, I'm back again for another review but I couldn't help myself

It's seems selo party has become a new euphemism and I will let you fill in the blanks. Perhaps email me if you want the full details.

Selo truly does go on everything but my personal fav is using it as a "topper"
Martin please keep me FILLED with your oil

Just ordered another 5 bottles.

Selo Olive Oil (500mL)
Chauntel Macleod
Best olive oil ever!

Great customer service, my first order went missing so I contacted The company and was immediately sent another one. Fast response, quick shipping and not to mention this olive oil is the best quality I have found. I’ll be a customer for life!

Selo Olive Oil (500mL)
Alicia Pavlawk

First order didn’t taste right, contacted company and they immediately sent out a replacement and it was great!

Selo Olive Oil (500mL)
Robert Maderic
5 star reviews

Best oil in the world comes from the Dalmatian region love Selo oil

Absolutely excellent!!! Best olive oil there is!

Before having Selo Olive Oil, I was bored and dissatisfied with every other olive oil I could find. Many were loaded up with tons of terrible ingredients in leaking plastic bottles made by careless mega-corporations. Not only is the taste of Selo Olive Oil unequivocally superior to every other Olive Oil in stores around the world, but it is loved and taken care of well. The bottle is elegant and refined, with no plastics which get greasy and gross. The ingredient list is minimal, refined to the necessities. My family and my grandparents now love using Selo Olive Oil as their oil of choice, and even more love to support Martin and his family.

Authentic and best tasting Croatian Olive Oil.

Authentic and rich olive oil from the Balkan Peninsula. Truly, the best olive oil my family and I have ever tasted. Pairs well with fresh bread, cold cuts, and good company!

Highly recommended!

This is my first actual real olive oil I've had and it has not disappointed. This is not the fake stuff you find at the store.

Flavourfully gay

During pride month I hosted several
Gay luncheons
I left several bottles of selo out and used it as toppers ;) on a few dishes
All the boys loved it
Selo was recommended to me from someone in the community and I love how open Martin is about everything on twitter
Will definitely order more

Selo Olive Oil: Family (6 x 500mL)
Bull and son’s delicatessen

Excellent product

Best olive oil i ever had

Finished my first batch of 6 bottles within 6 months and just received my second batch.
Authenticity of this oil cannot be overstated. It’s good for your soul.

Great product. Pure Olive Oil. Highly Recommended.

I came across Selo Olive Oil online and my first thought was “Croatia makes olive oil?” As I did more research it became clear they take it VERY seriously and purity matters. I did my first order 18 months ago and have bought it multiple times now and it’s a staple in my home both because I enjoy the taste but I am a freak for purity. Great product with a slight peppery taste.


Your product is superb. Thank you.
Unfortunately 1 of the 3 bottles arrived leaking. Best, J. Goldman

Selo Olive Oil (500mL)

Selo Olive Oil (500mL)

Selo Olive Oil (500mL)
Forest Amsden

Selo Olive Oil (500mL)

Best Olive Oil I’ve Ever Had

This olive oil is unlike any I’ve tried. The flavor is robust and full. Did a side by side comparison with Kirkland brand EVOO and hands down Selo beats it. Kirkland tastes rather bland and watered down while Selo has complex flavor varieties all the way through you pallet. Very satisfying

Great Olive Oil

This is my go to olive oil in all my cooking.

its great

buy it

Liquid Gold

The best of the best. If you care about yourself and your family, you buy quality olive oil. Selo is as quality as it gets. I will not use another brand as long as I have access to Selo. Thank you Martin!