Selo Olive Oil

Croatian Olive Oil Reviews

Hear from customers about what changed for the better since they switched to Selo—my family's authentic Croatian extra virgin olive oil:

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Excellent order once again.

Arrived in time for mother's day. She is even more happy every time we get this oil than even I am.

So nice

A very very pleasant olive oil !!!

So good it glows

The olive oil is bomb diggity. One bottle leaked from the cork. I suspect because the bottles were shipped horizontal. The product is amazing! It glows or has a luminescence that I’ve never seen. Also solidifies at correct temp. No other “olive oils” do this.

Best I’ve ever had

The taste is incredible. I love the slight burn on the back of the throat when I have a little straight from the bottle.

Superb Olive Oil!

Selo is a tasty olive oil with real body and great aftertaste. Marvelous with warm rosemary bread or tomato and mozzarella.


Great olive oil. Fast ship, packaged nicely

The best

Just simply the best of the best. Hands down.

Five Stars

That is it. That is the review. Best olive oil I have had in my life. Five stars.

The best olive oil in the world

Ive tried at least a 100 different olive oils in my life, from multiple countries and continents, there is nothing like Selo. I will never stop ordering this oil so long as its harvested and produced. Its that exceptional.

Will buy again!

This oil is great. Robust and flavorful with a heady aroma.

Excellent olive oil

Best I've had. Went out and bought organic from my local supermarket after my first bottle of Selo Oil. Tasted like toxic sludge - difficult for me to go back to the stuff I've been buying in stores.

Olive oil of the Gods

My 3rd eye was open after taking a shot of this Olive Oil. I will soon buy more in order to bathe in it. If you don't like this Olive Oil, you might be retarded.

Great EVOO

Top notch stuff. Exactly as promised. You can taste the difference from grocery store garbage.

Authentic and pure olive oil from the Croatian coast

Truly the best olive oil you will find. Excellent for cooking and making salads and is fantastic with bread and a variety of spreads. Ditch the fake oils. This is the real stuff.

Outstanding oil

Really love your olive oil, is my go to olive oil now

Selo Olive Oil: Family (6 x 500mL)

Real olive oil!!!

Finally after years of searching for the perfect olive oil, i found it.
Purchased 1 bottle to try it and then bought 6 pack immediately. As long as Selo stays incredibly authentic and real, Martin and Family have earned a lifetime customer!


We have stopped cooking with it because it’s too delicious for that. I have to hide it from my wife. In short: Fantastic police oil.

Best olive oil I ever had

Selo is good enough to drink as a shot. I have added it to coffee and protein shakes with success. And of course it is great with fresh bread, eggs, steak, cheese, and vegetables. You can't go wrong with Selo!

(And also the owner is a solid dude, too).

Excellent REAL Olive Oil!

Have ordered twice already. Beautiful packaging, excellent oil and fresh aroma. Will order again and for my family as well!

The only oil I use

I’m a customer for life; I love that it doesn’t sit in stores and know it to be the real deal. Great twitter account from Martin Erlić as well!


lovely, flavorful, snappy!