Selo Olive Oil

Olive Oil for Life!

The oldest olive oil firm is a company in Spain called La Española Olive Oil, which has been in business for 200 years. Our olive farm, located on the Dalmatian cost of Croatia, is 30 years old. The average olive tree lives for 500. Since we are part of an industry that's at least 4500 years old, it's hard to imagine we'll stop doing what we do anytime soon.

In Britain and the US, people consume on average around 1 litre of olive oil per person per year, but that isn't much compared to the Greeks, Italians and Spanish who all consume at least 15 litres per person.

For USD $5,995 upfront, I'm willing to send you 2 x 500mL bottle of Selo Olive Oil every two months (shipping included) for 30 years. If you can't drink it fast enough, well, they make an excellent gift! You will have full control over your subscription, and may pause or skip orders if you choose (though I can't imagine why you would). That being said, why not become your neighbourhood's local olive oil king pin?

If you are interested, email with the subject line "Lifetime Subscription" with your letter of intent (can be a short sentence indicating that you are interested), as well as your current primary shipping address. We will schedule an online meeting to discuss the terms.

- Martin Erlić
President, Selo Oils LLC