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Can olive oil change, or save, lives? (The Nemechek Protocol)

Going to share this email today in the name of awareness: 


"I have read some of your work and your recent project with Selo Oils. I have a personal story to tell you relating to olive oil.

Your launching of Selo Oils has coincided with us discovering the Dr. Nemcheck protocol which has helped many with delayed speech children and autism etc. We are hoping to do the same with our son. He may be a late talker/hyperlexic as he has been reading letters since he was 2 but still no sentences and he just turned 4. Of course we are trying other things as well like speech therapy but as he just turned 4 we are very worried as hardly any full sentences.

The Dr. Nemcheck protocol is basically real olive oil (California is the brand people use as many are imitation and the California brand is affordable as well), Ultimate Omega fish oil, and inulin (prebiotic).

There is a large facebook group whose moderator Kelsey Emuss just started a subscription support website of $30 a year. It is much more organized than the facebook group with better support and organization. Also Dr. Nemcheck has a blog where he answers questions and has video responses.

Also the company nutrition genome does dna testing and a customized report explaining what your dna says your body needs to optimize nutrients, for example organ meats versus vegtables for vitamin A depending on your dna results.

Not sure of this is something you and your brand is interested in but along with better community and traditional families it seems that nutrition is greatly needed for a lot of children and olive oil is playing a big part in that."


We'll keep the rest of the correspondence with this reader private, but we just wanted to share this today.

You can get your bottle of Selo at any time here on this website.

Otherwise, have a great day, and maybe forward this email on.


Martin & Kyle

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